2021 You & I, On-line exhibition, curating and exhibiting
2020 Haddo House Experimental Use of Space, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
2020 Gray's Post-graduate Showcase, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen
2020 Gray's Virtual Degree Show, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen
2020 AAS 'Coming Home' Exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery and virtual exhibit
2020 Women's Open Mic ‘New Beginnings’, Performance ‘Breaking circle p.1’ (project: transgenerational trauma), Aberdeen
2019 Haddo House Experimental Use of Space, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
2019 Women's Open Mic with Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, Performance 'Anxiety' , Aberdeen
2019 Pre-Degree Show Contemporary Art Practice _ Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen
2019 Aberdeen Occult Avant Garde Society, D2, Performance ' Shadows' & 'Artists for Humanity', Aberdeen
2018 Women's Open Mic, Performance 'Connections', Abedeen
2018 Haddo House Experimental Use of Space, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
2018 Women's Open Mic, Performance, Spoken word 'Since when?'
2018 SMORG:ARTS:BORD Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen 
2017 Well-being and Environmental Exhibition at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
2017 Suitcase Project Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen
2016 North East Scotland Collage exhibition 'Hot & Cold', Aberdeen
2016-now North East Scotland Collage exhibition, work on display ' Housing Project', Aberdeen
04.2016 Seventeen exhibition 'Housing Project', Aberdeen
2015 Rosie Cafe exhibition 'Longing', Aberdeen

Workshops and additional activities:
2021 Collaborative project with poetry writer Noon Salah Eldin 
2021 Honored to be one of speakers for Women's History Month: Womanhood Then and Now, Conversations for a Change, Progress in Dialogue
2021 Leading workshops with found object, Bonnymuir Green Community Trust Well-being Program 
2021 Leading Creative Workshops for trauma survivors , 3rd Foundation 
2020 Design and illustrations to children's book 'The Dolls House', collaborative project
2020 Leading workshops for children at Aberdeen Maritime Museum (cancelled due COVID 19)
2020 Arrangement of 'Commemorations' exhibition by prof. Anna Bochenek, Aberdeen Art Centre
2019 Photographer for the event 'Spoken word', Spin, Aberdeen
2019 Faith, advert support photograph, Aberdeen
2018 Photographer for the event 'Hysteria', Spin, Aberdeen
2018 Aberdeen Occult Avant Garde Society 'Shamanism Workshops', Aberdeen, participant
2018 Aberdeen Occult Avant Garde Society ' Empathy Workshops', Aberdeen, participant
2018 Ace voices, advert support photograph, Aberdeen
2018 LADA Workshops 'Love2H8U', London, participant
2018 LADA Workshops 'How the f***', London, participant
2018 Film workshops DOCMA, The Barn, Banchory, participant
2017 Organizer of exhibition and conference 'Environmental and Well being Conference', Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

2018 - now   Photographer, one of founders and active volunteers for Women Open Mic, Aberdeen
2017-now   Percussionist and dancer, Melting Pot Collective, Aberdeen
2019 - present    Aberdeen Artist Society member
2020 - present   Scottish Artists Union member


Aleksandra was born in 1983 in Poland, and raised there and living until early 20s. Dance, photography, architecture, sound and big azure transparent coloured beads, old beautifully crafted sewing machine, crystals and old recording machine had been a main memories from childhood. She is a single parent. Activist supporting environmental, student initiatives; as well as local and international initiatives. Outside art practices, she is performing live music with the multicultural band. Aleksandra worked in varied organisations, independently and in collaborations.

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